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At Peace of Mind Training, in collaboration with the Stop the Bleed campaign, our mission is unmistakable: to empower every American with the essential skills and resources required to skillfully recognize and respond to any bleeding emergency. As an officially licensed and registered entity under the U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency, Peace of Mind Training is passionately committed to fostering a culture of awareness and preparedness. We are determined in our dedication to transforming bystanders into well equipped, and confident first responders, ensuring that immediate and life-saving actions are taken when every precious second hangs in the balance  

Our vision transcends mere aspiration; it is a fervent commitment to forging a nation where no life yields to preventable bleeding emergencies. We ardently believe that by unleashing the compelling force of a grassroots initiative and community engagement, we can model a society that is not only safer but also profoundly resilient. Our ultimate aim is nothing short of placing bleeding control kits in every public venue, from educational institutions to grand stadiums, while equipping individuals with fundamental bleeding control techniques. With a streamlined training program that demands less than two hours of your time, we are relentless in our pursuit of making these life-saving skills accessible to all. Together, we shall weave an intricate web of prepared individuals who can quickly and decisively recognize and respond to bleeding emergencies, for in those critical moments following an incident, it is the extraordinary potential within ordinary citizens that can prove to be the ultimate lifesaving factor. Stand with us on this mission to safeguard lives, for collectively, we possess the power to make a resounding difference. After you dial “911” What’s your plan? You do have one, right? 

Until Help Arrives

You Are the Help Until Help Arrives (also called Until Help Arrives) is a FEMA initiative with a similar mission. People can download training materials or take the course online. Until Help Arrives promotes the following five steps:

  • Call 911

  • Stay Safe

  • Stop the Bleeding

  • Position the Injured

  • Provide Comfort

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